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Ford & Bonilla is a communications and public affairs firm specializing in developing sophisticated public engagement and media campaigns to achieve our clients’ immediate and long-term objectives.

Strategy. Action. Results.

We are creative and resourceful in delivering our clients’ immediate, positive results. We custom tailor communications strategies specific to each client’s needs and create a multitude of opportunities for them to reach their targeted audience and earn the broad public support needed to advance key projects and initiatives. Our approach is both efficient and effective, rooted in our years of experience navigating local politics and winning campaigns – Strategy. Action. Results.

Our Approach

Strategy: Understanding that each client has unique goals and challenges, we tailor winning strategies that best meet our clients’ specific needs and timeframe.

Action: By developing a compelling narrative and creating opportunities to advance it, we generate immediate exposure for our clients, allowing them to tell their story.

Results: With expertise in government advocacy, grassroots coalition building, and implementing dynamic, integrated media campaigns, we deliver our clients meaningful and measurable results.

Our Clients

Since our founding, we have served a broad range of clients, including public agencies, companies, nonprofits, and elected officials, connecting each to their target audience through direct engagement, television, radio, print and social media. We have developed and managed communications and public affairs campaigns, some with short-term objectives, such as earning public support for a ballot measure or legislative support for various projects and initiatives, and others with long-term goals, like the sustained branding of companies and organizations with their core constituencies vital to their continued growth and success. 

Our Services


We take a strategic approach to our clients’ communications, looking to broadcast positive messaging through a sustained public relations campaign to build momentum to affect key decisions and expand our clients’ public platform. By working in close coordination with our clients, we design strong messaging that appeals directly to their target audience but is also compelling to the public at large.

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Public Affairs

With our extensive network of relationships within state and local governments, our firm is uniquely positioned to serve your interests and advocate on your behalf.  With our experience breaking through bureaucratic gridlock and political infighting, Ford & Bonilla will develop strategy designed to ensure your issues and projects are heard on their merits and earn broad, bipartisan support.

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We specialize in developing public images for our clients that build trust with the target audience they are seeking to influence. Whether it is a political issue, campaign, or a product you are introducing, Ford & Bonilla will develop a narrative that will help transform you into an industry leader, providing a broad public platform to generate positive media attention for your organization.

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Meet Our Team.

Out team has over 50 years of combined experience helping individuals and organizations navigate local politics and media.

Ryan Ford


With many of years of experience crafting public policy and strategic messaging, Ford applies that experience in a manner uniquely suited to each of Ford & Bonilla’s clients, helping to earn them broad public and political support and secure clients positive media coverage. He specializes in advocating on behalf of clients, including to elected officials, professional staff members, media sources and the general public, in order to achieve client’s specific goals with an expedited timeframe.

Ford graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in political science and economics.

Rolando Bonilla


As a seasoned media communications and public advocacy expert, Bonilla innately understands how to portray Ford & Bonilla’s clients from a position of strength from which to advance their agenda with clarity and conviction. A long-time public servant, he has had the privilege of serving two of the Bay Area’s largest cities — the City and County of San Francisco and the City of San Jose — during his career in politics and communications.

Bonilla received a BA in political science from the University of San Francisco and a JD from San Francisco Law School.

Xavier Campos

Director of Government Relations

Having extensive experience in community affairs and local government, Campos brings to Ford & Bonilla over 30 years of public and community service. As a veteran of the City of San Jose’s Planning Commission and a former member of the San Jose City Council, he is well versed in navigating land use processes to overcome obstacles and earn critical support for potentially controversial projects.

Campos has also served on the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Board, where he was critical in bringing major transportation upgrades to the region to support the intensification of development within South Bay transportation corridors.

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